1 month on after mum died suddenly

Its just over a month since I suddenly lost my mam in front of me, I thought I was feeling ok but recently I can’t seem to get that night out of my head, its almost like I am back in the room reliving it all again. I just can’t seem to remember that my mam is dead, I’m acting like she’s still around until I go to ring her and tell her something then I remember. I just can’t seem to process it all, Is this normal?


Oh, I’m sorry. Yes, it’s normal when you’ve been through a trauma, which it is when it happens in front of you. It’s flashbacks, your mind is stuck in that moment, and they should fade with time, but it might be good to talk to a counsellor about it too. All the best. :heart:


@Ab12 sadly this is very normal. The loss of a parent, whatever the circumstances, is a trauma and it takes time to process the shock. Overthinking all the details is part of grief but actually it’s really a torture because you can’t change anything. Give yourself time and eventually you’ll be able to think of the more positive memories you have. Take care, best wishes xx


@Ulma, thank you. I know it takes time just feels like your stuck in this nightmare constantly. I think a councillor is the way forward to help me. Hope you are ok xx

@Rosiepink, thank you for the advice, I know we seem to reply things over and over yet it doesn’t change the outcome, your right I need to replace it with happy memories. Hope you are doing ok xx

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@Ab12 its just over a month since my mum died. I know what you are feeling. Its still so raw. I can’t believe she is gone, I keep messaging her and I’m going over and over again our last videocall on 19th December. That was last time I saw her being her, after that she was on ITU under respirator… Want to forget her face then cos it wasn’t her anymore… but can’t, it keeps haunting me, her eyes with no sight on them…

@Ola13 , I’m so sorry you are feeling this way too, it’s awful remembering them when they were unwell. Hopefully in time we forget it and always remember the happy memories and good times. Hope your feeling ok, sending hugs xx

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