10 years and still hurts so much

I’m a 66 year old lady …looking for friendship / companion …I lost my husband 10 years ago and only now starting to feel ready to find someone to go places with …if you would like to chat please message me
Looking for a new chapter in my life x

Hello Linda,

It’s good to read that you feel ready to make new friends.
If you don’t get any responses, maybe you could try to post it again, but change the title into something like ‘Meet up in Luton area’. I have seen other people do posts like that recently, I think that as we are coming out of lockdown, more people will want to (re-)connect with others in person, It is probably also worth looking at bereavement group meetings in your area. I used to to go to one in Brentwood a few years ago, and a lot of the people there had been meeting monthly for many years and they also organised outings. Best wishes for this new chapter in your life.

You could also try WayUp Linda; I’m not on it myself but I believe they organise group outings, meals, holidays etc. x

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Thank you Jo Ann much appreciated :kissing_heart:

Ahh will give that a go . Thank you xx