16 months on

We planted a remembrance tree the other day & it’s given me a lift, we’ve called it ‘our family tree’ it was the 10th anniversary of the passing of my late husbands Mum, so we’ve commemorated for her Apr 11, my husband Dec 19 & our granddaughter Jan 21. It just seemed to click something into place as hard as it is, life does go on.
A post popped up on my Facebook page from last year & my feelings have not changed one year on. I still feel incomplete & sad but I’ve got through, I’m still here with the help of friends & family.
I wrote this poem afterwards & it sums up how far I have come in acceptance but I’ll never lose those ‘if only’ thoughts that are always in my head & heart because that’s what love is. I also feel for the Queen today, not as a Queen but as a wife who has lost her life long partner. On the one hand she’s lucky to have had so much time with her partner but on the other you never want to be the one left behind.


What a lovely idea to plant a memory tree, and what a beautiful poem you have written. Thank you for sharing this with us.

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That’s exactly what we did when a friend died, and now I am ordering trees to plant in our new house. It’s so comforting to keep a connection to nature. Here we just really have a patio, but the new house has a large garden.

I’ve discovered a neighbour has won several gold medals at the RHS in Chelsea, so it’s going to cost a bit of money to buy all the trees, but it’s the sort of memorial my husband would want. There is an old saying in Scottish and Irish Gaelic that says, no man ever lives to see his forest grow. But I’m sure Jim will enjoy looking down at his garden. That’s what I believe anyway…

Christie xxx

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@Jodel712 that is a wonderful idea a memorial tree and having a plaque as well, I love that.
You seem to have suffered greatly with loss and your words to us ‘newbies’ about life further down the road is reassuring for me at least. Especially during those long days when you feel it impossible to see any change.

I find your post uplifting and inspiring for that I thank you.


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