1st anniversary alone

Last year on the 1st of May Rebecca an I celebrated 50 years of marriage , so a little bit down today.


I am going to say happy 51st anniversary to you and Rebecca. I still count them, in my eyes we are still married and always will be. Thinking of you today and sending love :sparkling_heart: and hugs :hugs:. We are all here for you.
Debbie X X

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Thank you Debbie .

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@Bert48 - so sorry today is a bit rubbish for you. Firsts are hard, aren’t they? First birthdays after a loved one has died, first Christmas, all that. For you, today is a big first. I know this might sound strange, but sometimes, with my evening G&T, I raise my glass to my lost husband, T and say “To us” as a toast. That is what he said to me, on New Year’s Eve last year, when we knew he was dying. It was the perfect solution to what to say. I carry it on. Sending loads of love, my friend.