1st Anniversary

There’s a storm in my heart.
It’s raging each and everyday.
It fills me every waking hour.
I see no end in sight.
So I sit and struggle to find that part of me that carries on trying to believe in us.
What we were and what we are now.
For you are the storm inside my heart :heart:


Hi @Palmart ,

Thank you so much for sharing this with the community :blue_heart: I’m sure someone will be along to offer their support, but I just wanted to let you know that you have been heard and you are not alone.

Take good care,


So sorry to here avout your loss.
I am feeling a bit down today my husband passed 12 weeks on Thursday but it would have been our 36 wedding anniversary today my first one without him.
I was up early this morning so i just went to the garden he loved the garden spent most of his life there growing veg fruit plants. Only wish i could have shared his passion but i am not a gardner
I will try to remember the good memories i have of our previous anniversaries but it is sad on your own.
I can only hope that this journey we all have now will be one of happiness for thefuture although we feel so upset and sad at times . We have to take care of ourselves as our partners would not be happy if we were suffering such pain.
Take care and look after yourself


On the 30th August it will be 1yr since my husbands, soulmates passing he was 64.
We have been together since we were 13yrs old, 51 years together and expected another 20 or so. His death was so sudden and unexpected.

I’ve kept a journal since then and write a few verses in an attempt at deal with my grief., he and I meant the world to each other…… so many on here know how hard it is to face each day without that presence in their lives my heart aches not only for him but all of us.


Me too.
My husband was 63 no illness just suddenly passed away no warning. Spoke to him in the morning he went to bathroom to get ready and did not come out. He was trapped in bathroom and i coild not open the door as he fallen against it. When the ambulance fire brigade came they smashed a big hole in door to grt yo him but he was gone by then. Traumatic and heartbreaking i couldnt do anything
It is an image i will not be able to erase.
I miss him so much but know i cant go back and have to move forward in life but damn it is to hard
Take care x


I hope every day that the pain of it will lessen but in my heart i know it’s something we will have to learn to live with :heart:

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Me too.
Today a day of mixed feelings happy memories but sadness regarding loss of my solemate partner. I know life will never be the same anymore but i hate being on my own or half of a couple.
I cant explain but i want to move forward but cant help going backwards think im ol then the wave of grief comes over me out of the blue.
Take care