1st anniversary

It is coming up to a year since I lost my husband and soulmate also 10 days later is our 45th wedding anniversary, I met him when I was 17 and am finding life so hard without him.

Hello and welcome to the Sue Ryder Online Community. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve lost your husband. Anniversaries and significant dates can be very difficult times for many bereaved people. I’m glad that you’ve found this site, as many of our users do find it helps a little to be able to talk to others who understand.

There are many supportive people here who know what it’s like to lose their husband or wife, so you should get some more replies to your post soon. In the meantime, you may find it helpful to check out this recent conversation where others have talked about coping with the first anniversary: https://support.sueryder.org/community/losing-partner/first-anniversary

It was 12 months Sunday, 19th May since my husband of 50 years passed away, we celebrated our golden wedding anniversary in March 2018, 6 weeks later he passed away suddenly, exactly 2 months after our anniversary I was attending his funeral. We met when I was 15 and he had just turned 18.

I miss him more and more each day, somehow reaching the 12 month milestone has brought all the very raw feelings and emotions to the surface again, as though I am back to the days following his passing,

It is a very hard and tough road we now find ourselves having to travel isn’t it, I went to the chapel and remembrance room last Sunday, took me a good 20 minutes to stop crying once I had see Alan’s name in the open book. Starting yo weep even now just thinking of that moment, afterwards, I took our son and daughter along with Winston, her pug, and Ada who’s mine, to one of our local pubs/restaurants which is dog friendly, food wasn’t brilliant but we were all together. Couldn’t just come straight back home from the chapel. Truly hope your personal anniversary goes as well as it can do and my thoughts are with you for your special day.

I’ve not had a single day where I haven’t cried, a so called friend once asked me if I was crying for Alan because he’s not here or crying for myself out of self pity, as I should be over my loss by now, such an insensitive person who still has her husband with her. Needless to say, she’s another so called friend I have cast aside.

Hope you have a better day today

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