1st Year Down forever to go.

9th March 2022 my son passed away.Mine and my late husbands only child.I have cried every day for over a year whilst at the same time trying to live my life without him.Its the hardest thing to bear .I miss him and his love for me so very much.If there is a heaven I hope him and his dad are looking down on me now and helping me to live my best life till the 3 of us are together again.So very hard .Love to you all suffering loss on this forum xxxx


Oh @Marg1.
A very hard day for you and I today - along with many others no doubt.
1 year ago today for me too, of the loss of my lovely, kind husband.
We’ll get through it though Marg, the same way we got through yesterday and the day before etc etc - but it is hard, that’s for sure.
I was invited to go out for lunch by a well meaning friend, who didn’t think I should be on my own " today of all days".
I declined her kind offer - there are some things that you cannot be jollied out of - and grief is one of those things.
I’m having a day of quiet contemplation alone, probably shedding several tears and I shall feed the birds for him - because that’s what he would be doing if he was still here (without the tears, obviously).
How about you Marg?
Do you have any plans or will you see how you feel and take it from there?
A huge hug to a kindred spirit.
The 9th of March will be forever etched in our minds Marg, for the saddest of reasons.


Not easy sleeping is it? Thank you so much for your lovely response.Yes 9th March so hard also 18th Feb for my hubby.I spend every day crying for my men so unlike alot of those in grief I like to try and spend the day doing something.I went away for few days on my own on my hubbys anniversary .Later today I will visit cemetary talk to my men have written a card for my son.Will place that on grave.In fact I actually had my name dob etc engraved under my sons name.Not the right order of things I know. My siblings were upset about that but I wanted to see our 3 names together.Crazy maybe but its what I wanted.I respect and understand the fact you want to be alone.However after the cemetary I am going for a meal with a friend a widow also who loved and admired both my son and hubby.We all grieve in our own way and have to live alongside that grief.But the pain in the pit of your stomach when the thought of never seeing their lovely faces again is pretty unbearable.I will be thinking of you today my love and hugs to you.God Bless xxxx


I’m an owl by nature Marg so I’m often prowling this site in the wee small hours.
I couldn’t agree with you more - we all need to do what works best for us and anything that helps us keep soldiering on is fine in my opinion.
Good friends are priceless and those of us who are fortunate to have them are very lucky.
Good for you for getting your name engraved on the headstone, alongside those of your precious men.
I can see why your siblings may feel upset about it but, you didn’t do it for their benefit - you did it for yours.
We have to get our comfort where we can find it, and we can find it in the weirdest of places sometimes.
I hope the day is not too onerous for either of us Marg and that you and your friend have a lovely meal.
Take care.

Dear Marg1 my love and thoughts are with you today it is very hard on these anniversary days i am sure your son and husband are looking down on you and are very proud of you. Love and Hugs from Jenny. Xx


Dear Wingingit my love and thoughts are with you today these anniversarys are so hard next month it will be 3yrs since i lost Peter it doesnt get any easier we just learn to live with our grief. Love and Hugs to you from Jenny. Xx


Thank you @Jen153 .
Your kind thoughts are much appreciated.