2 months since i lost my dad .

Its 2 months since i lost my Dad .still doesn’t feel real. However, im finding it hard to cry :cry:. I dont know why ? I was very close to my dad yet im struggling to let the emotion of crying.I think about my dad all the time and talk about him as much as i can .what is wrong with me ?? This cant be normal. Im also struggling with getting on with day to day things .For instance going out of the door .I feel bad for feeling good some days or that i smile …I dont know if my feelings are normal.im still not sleeping im getting a couple of hours each night. I feel exhausted every day. Ive not been eating properly since i lost my dad .I have to force myself to eat .

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It’s 2 months since my husband died I didn’t cry either, I have now. I think its good to smile, I smile at the happy memories especially when talking to others about him. I think many other people will agree that how grief affects us is different for everyone in some ways and the same in others. I’d say it’s normal all your feelings and physical symptoms too.

I hope this puts your mind at rest.

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Thankyou. It has a little. You wonder if what you feel or dont feel is normal.