2020.....a great realisation?

2020 has not been very kind or hopeful so far. It has brought untold grief to many and made old wounds resurface for many, many others .For many of us it has exacerbated our aloneness, our anxiety…our longing to be held and reassured. It has reminded us again that none of us are ever truly in control of our lives but has illustrated so well that each of us does have some control over helping others…that our lives can still be worth living even when our every instinct is to curl up and die.
This morning I came across this recording on You Tube…I am putting the link here because it really resonated with me and I hope it might help others to ponder anew that everything happens for a reason…even if it is often beyond our understanding…that there is hope out there somewhere.
Take care everyone…keep going…keep safe!

Hindsight’s 2020 : https://youtu.be/hw0JDJUu548

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Thank you for sharing AG. It’s always lovely to hear from you. Perhaps it is a pertinent time to post this, following on from your post and also it being Sunday. Xx


Hi AG. That was amazing and such an insight from the heart. Thank you so much for bringing it to our attention. Love. John.


Hi there. Thank you so much for bringing it to our attention. It confirms that I believe all this is happening for a reason and let’s hope we learn something from it.
Take care
Pat xx


AG. I have only just found this, thank you very much. I love it.

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I can’t open link😕

Apparently no longer available Sandra. Xx