2020 what a screwed up year this has been

I dont know and I dont think I want to if 2021 will be any better than 2020. Hopefull I am but not optamistic.
Is there a point to this life. Please dont consider this as my feeling down with life because really I have a lovely family which is more than some have. But this year is has been proper crap. Today I had to say goodbye to my beautifull boy dog he was 12.5 years a good age but none the less not an age at all in our years.
He was simply the most gentle living thing and as the sadness of this year forever sits at my side I know he is now at peace and hopefully met along his new journey by my husband who passed 6months gone and my other close relatives my mum sister dad nan and some.
I wish you all much hope for peace in the comming year


HI There
When all this Covid started I was determined not to let it foul up my life. I wasn’t going to let it mess up what life i could have, So I managed to keep busy and think I succeeded but fast forward and it’s still with us and like so many I think it might be getting to me now. Slowly grinding us down.
Today I have been consoling the wife of my ex husband as she has just discovered he has Cancer along with the Dementia that has been taking him. She has sensibly decided to care for him at home in his last days, where she can look after him, but this was not news I wanted to have…
Then my family inform me that I can’t be in their bubble as their child carer has to be the one they chose. I understand but it sucks!!! What next.
You have now lost your little dog and I can’t imagine your pain. My dogs are my life now and to lose one would really destroy me. So my thoughts are with you.
I do hope we can all be a little bit optimistic and possibly it will happen. Live in hope and pray.


Hi thats sad you cant be in your families bubble i think as long as you know you havent seen anyone and nor have your family then you should be able to see them .unfortunatley this is not the case and so many are left longing for contact with relatives. 2020 is a year I want to forget unfortunatley it will remain the year of my most significant losses. 2021 I am hopefull will be a bit better but I am actually past caring either way.
I hope you get to be in the bubble very soon

Well I believe 2021 in sucking as much as 2020 its all just rolling over and cant seem to find a happy thought at the moment

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