29 Weeks Since I lost You

A constant ache inside my chest
Weeping eyes that just won’t rest
Eternal sadness is a constant fear
A lonely life now you’re not here

A broken heart time cannot mend
A life without you is one I can’t comprehend
So hard to fathom that you are gone
A stabbing pain, I can’t go on

Losing you is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do
My heart is permanently black and blue
I’ll fake a smile when I can
But all I really want to do is to see you again

It’s been 29 weeks since you’ve been gone
And still I ask myself why
But I can’t mend this heartache since the day you died.


So sorry for your loss. I wish you peace

Dear sad2

Verse 2 is a good description as to where I continue to find myself with the first anniversary approaching. Not sure I can and certainly do not want to go on. Our kids and little grandson’s are all that keep me afloat.

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