2nd xmas without you

Well I’m got though another xmas without my beloved husband he died August 2021. This year i did put up tree and put my special bubble on it . It gave me a little comfort to see it but i miss him so much it still hurts alot . Not looking forward to new year because its another year since he passed. Im getting further and further away from him if that makes sense. Xmas just isn’t the same . Went up cemetery it seemed so cold and damp it made me feel depressed and sad :pensive:.


Second Christmas for me too, and it does feel like he is slipping further away.

Never more than a thought away tho.

G. X


Hi ,it’s my second Xmas without my gorgeous husband . Last new years eve I just sobbed all day and night .I didnt want to go into a new year without him . A year he had never lived in . A year on and yet another new year nearly here . He lives in my heart always .but I do feel like he is getting further away from me . Sending hugs to all xtake carex


This is my first Christmas without my husband he died 5 weeks ago today I have 2 young daughters so I put up small tree and I decided to stay at my mum’s until the day after boxing day as it would also be my hubby’s 42nd birthday Xmas day. I knew it would be hard but the pain and grief is so intense I have literally cried all day so we ended up coming home.
I feel like such a failure as a parent but I’ve tried so hard to make Christmas nice for them as I know that’s what my husband wanted. No one knows how to act around me. They just want to keep everything normal and I feel like shouting at the top of my voice why are you not hurting like me?!!

Why does it feel so painful to be around happy people? People tell me it will get easier but I can’t imagine that. When I was ever upset he would hold me in his arms until I felt better that’s what I want now, but it will never happen.
It’s so unfair why are the good ones always taken?

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It’s the second Christmas for me too, I know what you mean about moving further away. Dreading moving into 2023
I won’t be able to even say he died last year.