30 years ago tonight.

For anyone else out there who lost a relative, friend or loved one on Pan Am flight 103. The years may pass but we still remember them.

I lost one of my first friends from my childhood that night. I never forget her and the fun we had as children together. She like everyone else on board and in Lockerbie had so much to live for and look forward to.

I am so sorry Mel (and to any one else who lost a loved one that tragic day). I did not lose a loved one on that flight, but I offer you my caring thoughts, as you recall your dear friend. May you find comfort in the memories of those fun-filled childhood times spent together. Take care. Xxx Sister2

Hi Mel, this grief thing goes on and we never forget, I suppose that is why we are human beings and it’s something over time we learn to live with. Very sad.
Bless you for sharing.