32yr old son passed away

my son passed away at home 20 jan 2017, Richard was happy, no health problems and in love, lucky he also had no £ problems, i found richard in bed, but when the ambulance arrived i was told he had passeded away 1 hrs before, all my life had been for my son, he was a director on our business

but now i cannot see any point in carrying on, every one said it gets better, but every day is so so hard to even carry on, but richards partner is now living here, and i have to look after her.

help please

Hi trevuk, I’m sorry to hear you have lost your son. My daughter died of cancer over a year ago. It is the worst pain and sorrow anyone could ever feel. We think about them every minute of every day, going over and over things our minds. Life will never be the same again. I feel that my life is nothing like life before this happened and it feels just like an exsistance. One day at a time is all that you will be able to cope with at the moment so don’t try to do too much. I hope you and your family can support each other. I have to carry on for my daughters little girl who was only 4. It must be hard if you have a work/business to keep going. I try to keep busy although it is difficult as my mind is pre-occupied with all the things that have happened. There are many genuine posts on this site. It has helped in many ways just to discuss feelings and know there are others know how it feels as I would feel that I was going mad. (I do wish that no-one had to feel this pain).

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