49th Anniversary and 1st Anniversary

So today is our 49th wedding anniversary and on Saturday it will be the 1st anniversary of my husband’s death. I feel so so sad and so much disbelief. How can it possibly be a year since he passed away? My heart is breaking tonight, this time last year we spent most of our anniversary at A/E waiting for him to be admitted to a ward. He was on “end of life” and had severe metastatic cancer but we had no idea he would die within 3 three days of being admitted to hospital. I have struggled with feelings of anger and disappointment about his last few days and the lack of communication from the doctors which led to us not being with him when he passed away. Nothing will change what happened but it still hurts so much. I do now have some answers and “apology” from the staff but that won’t give us back the lost hours of contact with him before he died. Or change the fact that he died alone without me or any other family holding his hand. Our daughters and granddaughter and sons in law are equally devastated by the loss of a wonderful man.


@Jan71 I hope you get through next few days with more happy memories than sad. I have found the anticipation of significant events are often worse than the actual events. Take care.


That mustve been so tough for you ! What the hell is up with our hospitals now ! They have no compassion ! Never mind a damn apology !!! :frowning: thats why we got my husband home , if they hadnt of let him go he would’ve discharged himself anyway … you just cant trust the NHS im afraid !! Not anymore … :frowning: sad isnt it ! Xx