5 weeks and counting

I lost my Mum on 18 March, her 73rd birthday. She was in hospital with advanced breast cancer that spread to the lungs. Overnight she had deteriorated and never woke up for a birthday hug or to see her balloons and presents. I ache for missing her and I am reliving that week in hospital seeing her suffer. I don’t know how to cope and it feels worse every day. My best friend.

Dear Sarah777,

Losing your mum leaves such a big hole in our life and anyone who has loved and lost a mother will understand the feelings you are describing. It is early days for you and the memories of that last week are still so real that it is hard to imagine a time when the ache will be less and you won’t relive those moments over and over again in your mind, but from my own experience and from what others have written in their posts, I can reassure you that you will not always feel ike you do now.
What you wrote about losing your mum on her birthday brought back memories to me of my mum’s last birthday, 4 years ago in September. It was on that day that she was transfered from the care home where she was supposed to recover from a broken hip, to a hospice where she was to die the following week. I remember the intense sadness I felt, knowing this would be her final journey and we would soon have to say goodbye. I will always miss her, and I know that your life, like mine , will never be the same, but somehow you will find ways to cope. For now, allow yourself to grieve, and accept all the help and support you get offered. It is good you have joined this online community. I hope you will find it helpful to read the posts of others. xx Jo

Hi Sarah, I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your mum. I lost my husband suddenly in September last year. He was 67. I know how Alan’s death has impacted my two sons’ and my daughter (all adults). We’re a very close family and have always spent a lot of time together. It’s been especially difficult for my daughter as she is getting married on the 14th May. Thinking of you. Sandra