5 weeks i miss my husband

Im 5 weeks in i cant accept that i will never see him again life is so pointless without him here. I hope hes not sad just wish i knew for certain that when its my time i will see him again we were together for 24 years married for 14 years im only 48 i am going to be alone for how long without him :cry:


@Cadge It’s till so early in this for you, so overwhelming. At your point I found it helpful not to look further than the end of the day or the next hour for that matter. As someone said to me, the future will take care of itself, one thing less to worry about at the moment. You’ve got to 5 weeks and that’s such an achievement in itself and something all of us struggle to imagine on day 1. I try to recognise my achievements, reflect on how I’ve managed to get to where I am. The future will still be there when we feel up to dealing with it.


Will it get easier :thinking: and do you believe we will see them again :cry:

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@Cadge for me it has got easier, the grief and the pain are still there but diminished, not all consuming. The loss is still as big, but in someways and somehow life is growing around it. I’m still learning how to carry the loss and allow my wife back into my life, it’s a difficult task but I feel like it’s moving forward. As for seeing them again, I’m sorry but I just don’t know. I take comfort in knowing I will eventually find out but when that will happen is anyone’s guess.


@cadge yes it gets easier, but that has to come from you too. Making the effort to get on with life. Right now that seems harsh and impossible but you will get to stage where the pain is less raw and the pain dulls.
I can only speak for myself, as we are all different, but I didn’t want to be miserable all the time, I had to make an effort to get on as life doesn’t stop. When I got invited out, I went. When friends wanted to visit, I had them over. I never thought I would be laughing with friends, going away and enjoying it but I do, I am. I still cry, the pain comes with you but it’s not so hard. But daily it changes, weekly it changes, depends what’s going on around me.

I sought a physic, she was good, it gave me comfort. Not everyone’s bag, I know but she was good. He will be the first to greet me when it’s my turn, even if I meet someone else. Not my choice right now, that’s not on my radar but it was interesting that she said that, as I had a conversation with him after he died, on one of my many walks asking him how it works lol
Anyway, yes I believe we will see them again, one day.


I’m 38 and lost my partner of 17 years five months ago. I was exactly the same as you, still am tbh. I just with I knew what happens after death and if I’ll see him again.

One thing I did was seek out mediums left, right and centre. I’ve had over 10 readings and because my Facebook is so private and my name rather common they’ve not been able to find anything out about me beforehand. My readings have been so generic it’s ridiculous.

It’s too easy to keep booking them in the hope that one of them can actually connect one day. I’ve got a couple more that I booked months ago coming up including one that cost £250 with a well known psychic who won a best Psychic TV show years ago. I’m still hopeful despite my awful experiences with all the mediums I’ve used.

Tbh most of the fake mediums read off a script, once you know the script it’s easy to tell they are fake and they will usually refund you.

The common things they say are:

I have a gentleman here who died from heart or chest issues, a lady who died of cancer or a young man who died in tragedy.

They are there with a baby, did you have a miscarriage or did someone around you lose a baby?
Miscarriages are so incredibly common that it would resonate with so many.

Where’s the link to uniform?
Again very generic, lots of professions wear a uniform and lots of our grandads were in the armed forces.

There’s a dog there.

There’s paperwork that still needs to be done. We all know the admin is never ending :unamused:

Whose getting the memorial tattoo?

You’re getting bears made out of their clothing, jewellery made out of ashes.

There’s a ring/necklace of your mams/nans

A watch of your dads/OH

Are you moving / decorating? New car?

They’re sending you signs like feathers, coins, birds

They visit you in dreams.

You’ve kept some of their clothing.

You sleep with something of theirs/ kiss their photo.

You put a letter and a rose in the coffin with them. You kissed them.

Just all so very generic.


I totally agree with you.it does get better.but we have to make an effort & keep pushing ourselves forward.l went back to work part time.a week after the funeral.l had counselling & keep out meeting friends & family for coffee lunches & anytime l was invited anywhere.l kept up my exercise & Mediation & have been abroad twice for long weekends.l believe l will see him again in the Spirit World.like my 1st husband.none of us know how long we are going to be here or what the future holds.we just keep it a day at a time & keep moving towards the light & believing it gets better. XXX


I am so glad you are getting out it’s something I do. It doesn’t diminish the feelings I have but I too feel he would want me to live . I hope I get a few words from ho

i lost my husband of 48 years on the 21 st july this year and i carnot bear it without him,i know that i will be with him again ,and i hope it’s soon.you must believe he’s waiting for you that’s all that is keeping me going,x

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Hi i lost my husband 21st july also sorry for your loss im so heartbroken xx

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i feel just as you do,8 weeks tomorrow same as you such a shock,will never get over it good to talk on here,it makes you realise your not alone


This site is whats keeping me going i feel so numb cant imagine life without him :broken_heart: x

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i was packing today to go and visit my son,it was awful packing on my own,we would have done it togeather it’s times like this that the whole dreadful time feels worse,will never get over loosing him never , crying still all the time and praying to go to him soon sorry

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Don’t be sorry, it’s normal. It’s another first for you and the reality of just packing for yourself is hard to cope with.
It is still very early days for you and you will feel like this for a long time. Just let yourself cry when you need to.
I hope you get some comfort when you are with your son.
Take care and sending hugs xx

Where ever you go he will be by your side this is so painful i will never be the same person i was not without him :broken_heart: xx