6 Months after Dad passed on...

I have buried my Dad’s ashes today, the funeral was in July.
Somehow today was so much harder than the funeral. It’s been 6 months since he died, and living without him, is very difficult, it seems to have come to head recently.
Is this a milestone in grief?

I went to his house today, it was empty and is up for sale.
All the memories we shared, seem like yesterday, and now everything is gone; he’s not there…it’s like it has hit Me all over again.

When he died, there was relief he wasn’t suffering anymore.
But now, 6 months down the line, there is so much sadness that He isn’t around and the times we shared are gone forever.

Is there a better way to look at this?
I cannot stop sobbing. I feel like the tears will never go away,

Your post reflects very much how I am feeling just now. Thank you Ludibee. It’s so good to know not alone. Been a year and one week since my wonderful Dad died. While Daddy was in hospital things did not seem too bad so the passing was hard to take in. I hope your journey here becomes easier. Your not alone.

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Hi Ian3,

I am so sorry you are living in this world without your wonderful Dad.
And, like you have pointed out, so kindly, it is a journey.

I suppose one thing I have learnt is that some things cannot be controlled or pre-empted…In terms of what I experienced, such as the feeling of shock around Dad’s passing, the run up to it and so forth.

The one thing that makes it easier, is knowing I will see him again, regardless of what anyone believes, I have an inner knowing I will see him again, and all is well with him.

But on a separate note, grief is still grief, sometimes I think we just need to go through the motions, part of being human, and the love we shared, the separation etc…but its a sticky road.

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