6 months on

I can’t believe that’s 6 months since my beautiful Mum passed away. How did I get here because it seemed impossible in the early days! I guess taking it one day at a time does work.
It feels like yesterday and forever at the same time. I miss her so much and although it hurts as much now as it did the day she died things are easier. The tears aren’t as relentless and I can have good days now. I will never not miss her though.

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I’m also 6 months on from my lovely mum’s passing…
Like you it feels like yesterday - I count down the days weeks months as if it’s some sort of achievement I’ve survived in life without her - It Is - It feels like I’m passing time counting down time as if there will be something at the end…
But then the reality is she’s not coming back - There’s no end result…
So hard to imagine that Iwill never get to be with her again!
I Miss Her :heart:
I also have better days - Something I thought would be impossible.
Take Care x

Hi, I am so please to read you posts because you have answered the question that so many ask, will I ever feel any better, will the rears dry up just a little. We learn to live with grief, it doesn’t go away and for me I think I run out of tears. Time plays funny things with our minds and I can’t believe I am still here and never going to see my soulmate ever again in this life is beyond me. Life goes on whether we want it to or not but we do learn to smile and laugh again. Keep safe and take small steps, you both are on the right road. Sxx


Hi Jinxie
I’m sorry for your loss too.
You’re right about how we all mark time since we lost those we love with no great purpose or end. Whether that be days, months or years, there was before when everything was fine and now everything I do is marked for me in x amount of time after my mum passed.