6 months since loosing mum

6 whole months today sometimes it feels 6 weeks sometimes it feels 6 days the pain in so much worse today than I feel like the day she left.
No chance to say my goodbyes nothing feel angry that I got this took away from me. We were so so close she helped and guided me through everything and now I have to try and do it alone. Due to be a granny next April my mums only wish was to be a great granny now that’s gone too. Just feel so lost and empty without her. I thought I was making progress but today has hit me like nothing else.
Sorry for going on everyone just needed to write it down :white_heart::heart:


You never need to apologise for sharing your feelings here, @Vickyb. :blue_heart: Thinking of you today - please be gentle with yourself.

Take care,


Hi Vicky. Lost my mum 6 months ago too and didn’t get chance to say goodbye as although she’d been of ill health for some time she died suddenly and it was a shock. With Christmas looming I wish I could hibernate till January really. Not only do you miss them, you miss being a daughter. It’s hard. No need to apologise. It’s huge losing your mum.


Thank-you @Seaneen had a really tough day yesterday. I’ve woken up with a trying to be more positive attitude today. X

@Janelle sorry for your loss. You’re spot on with that I missing being her daughter never seen it like that really but you’re right.
I want to hide away too it is my birthday January also my mums so it’s like 3 milestones in a space of 4 weeks dreading it.
Going to try and put my tree up today as it’s what my mum would want me to do.
I just miss her so so much as you do your mum.
Sending love x

Yeah I was thinking of putting the tree up tomorrow. We have to try to find a ‘new normal’ hey?
Same to you. Sounds really difficult having 3 milestones at the same time. Will be tough. I’ve just started counselling. Think it will help. Good luck & best wishes x

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