6 weeks ago I lost the love of my life

Recently lost a long term partner so suddenly, The day we was going on holiday she a cold feeling in her chest but thought nothing of it. Every day while we was away she got the same pain, I ask her to see a doctor but being stubborn she said I’ll wait until we get home so first thing in the morning after getting home we went to see the doctor. They sent her straight to hospital for checks which revealed she needed a triple heart bypass which had complications and I lose her. We were just about to set a date to marry. I have an overwhelming feeling of sadness come over me and all I do is cry. We were each other’s world and I’m really struggling I miss her so so much

I’m so sorry for your loss I also lost my wife on 2nd of July to bowel cancer. She was 51 and we only had three weeks from diagnosis to passing. I thought I was coping ok but this week has been terrible the feeling of despair and sadness is unbearable and I’ve cried a river of tears. Sorry for sounding so down but I’m struggling with it all. Please take care

You must never apologise for grief it was not your doing and your partner was certainly not to blame. It is good that men can talk openly on here and especially talking to each other. Society is more tolerant of women crying their grief for their loss where men find it hard to break down in public. Please cry all you want. I have cried a river of tears since I lost my husband and it shows no sign of easing off. I describe it as a tsunami which rolls over me at any time. It would seem as neither of you had any time to even get used to the idea of loss and therefore the shock is worse. Be kind to yourself don’t try to please others and take any help that is offered. Kind friends want to help but cannot always find the words so they offer to do things instead. Let them help in their own way

Dear Michael . I am so sorry for your loss and all the awful feelings you are going through . You did exactly what your partner wanted . It is such a shock when something like this happens . I lost my husband to a sudden cardiac arrest in July . One minute we were happy talking the next he was unconscious and I was doing CPR . My world has been turned upside down just like yours . Grieving is hard work and I wish I could tell you how to get through it as painlessly as possible but it doesn’t work like that . You loved your partner loads . You are missing her loads and you will probably cry loads . When you feel like you are going crazy post on this forum . Everyone here knows what you are going through . We all try to support each other and pull ourselves along . Try and get as much support as you can in your daily life too and know we are all thinking of you and sending big hugs . Romy xxx