6 years + and I feel I’m right back to that sad time

Hi we lost my husband on the 15 th December 2016 Gary was diagnosed in 2015 with a Brain tumour after a craniotomy radiotherapy and eventually chemo we lost him a year later . I have found this past year especially the last 6 months hard . I work and am
Functioning and so have good friends and have family but my two daughters are both away so have my mum
And my brother who live close by . Anyway I just find myself crying at home most days and questioning everything . I tend to be a fun person and on the outside and to everyone else I am but the minute I get home and it’s just me and my little dog really struggle . It feels as hard now as it did when we lost Gary . My little dog is 16 and I get upset about loosing him as well . My dad died a few months after Gary he had lewy body dementia so it felt we lost him way before he sadly died but I didn’t really feel the same when loosing my dad as much as we were so close as it was a relief that he was no longer stuck in that awful confusing place for him . Again all
If a sudden I’ve been thinking about my dad as well . I just have a whole host of emotions that I know are normal but do any of you 6 years really 7 years on feel like it’s just happened?


losing who we love is a long long loss. and a hard moment or grey sky can bring it all back. I don’t think grief ever really goes away and when it returns, it can bite hard. but sunnier days will shine again. January is a hard month for many.


Hi TAB. I lost my lovely wife on the 24 Nov 2016, to cancer. It took about 7 month, from diagnosing it.
She suffered during each treatment, chemo, radio, all the tablets and pills. Nothing helped. I was by her side all through, but could do nothing to make it better. I thought I was beginning to cope a bit better, until May 2021, that should have been our 60th wedding anniversary, then it all came back. I have been worse since then. Every day is struggle, just cant get the enthusiasm. As you say it all feels like it all just happened. I just wish I could have more for her. TM

Goodness…You really have resonated with me i lost Chris Sep 2020 we had been together 34 years and the circumstances were shocking as was his medical/nursing care. What comfort can i give you apart from i understand totally

I have a little elderly dog 2 and can’t bear the thought of losing him too…Life is not enjoyable at present and i struggle to find joy in anything.I hope your little dog stays healthy for. years to come