7 days till Christmas

These last two years have been the toughest of my life.Losing my mum and her being the first person i lost was devastating,

Its coming up to the second Christmas day.

The first was hell but this year it feels different.I still have really bad days but i also have good days making new memories with my son and family as my mother would want.I never thought i would get to this point.

For me It has gotten better but it has taken time.If anyone is struggling and has lost a loved one things will be ok.I think you have to go through the pain to get through to the otherside in my experience anyway.


Dear @StarHeart

Thank you for sharing the an encouraging post. It will be of comfort to many here. As you say it does take time but you never forget your loved one. They will always be there in your heart.

Take care.


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Hope it helps someone as i was in such a horrible dark place last christmas.heart:

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