7 months on after losing my husband

Hi i lost my husband suddenly at 57 to cancer in February , I’m now finding it tough 7 months on I have a . 18 and23 year old whom are also finding it tough now At first everyone calls and now although I appreciate life goes on for everybody else ours has stopped. I have been looking in my area to talk to someone whom is a similar age to me 53 in the same position but there’s nothing. And just come across this website

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I " came across" this website too. I was trying to “clear out some things” when this organization came on the radio. I too am finding it tough now. April to now isn’t long. That’s my story. February to now is yours. Life IS going on. That is an ugly reality. It does. Even for you, it is doing it even now. I hated it when the “lockdown” started to ease. The whole world was in a mess then, i the “lockdown” , Just like me. It is more difficult to cope when everything else is almost - like now- normal. That is just my feeling, of course. You might feel differently. No might about it. You will feel differently. I was looking for PRACTICAL help when I posted on here first. There are links on here, and a website called, I think, Good Grief, where there are places local to you that can help, possibly practically ( I don’t know. I’d never ask ) or emotionally - just wail in misery for your loss. I wish you and your family well. ( I am about to edit this post. It sounded so HARSH and it did not mean to. Here’s what I really mean to say : don’t leave this site. There are people who understand. There are people who might be able to help you through. I know there are. They mean well. Like the rest of us they do not always get it right, but they DO understand the way you feel. Some of them, just like me, want to help, but no matter how hard they try can’t get it right).

Thank you very much for your kind words I wish you well and will look up the good grief take care

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Hi please don’t worry I totally understand and looked up the good grief site and found it really helpful I wish you well