7 years without you.

Another tear among the many,
another smile among the few.
Another day that slowly passes,
two aching arms that cant hold you.

Another year to live without you,
another hour that your not here.
another look toward the heavens,
a broken heart that wants you near.

Another night that seems so lonely,
another dream that wont come true.
Another prayer that goes unanswered,
a precious memory , my love, of you.


Beautiful and heart breaking words.
Thank you for sharing.
Take care.


Memories are all that is left
When we are now so bereft
Until the memories recede
And then look back and read
How those days all the time
Were lived once in your prime


Totally relate to your words @TonyM, it was three years on the 15th since I lost my husband suddenly, but Time doesn’t seem to count when you’ve lost a part of your self, nothing’s changed, actually missing him more than ever, as he’s been away too long. I find myself asking him when is he coming back. It will always seem like yesterday.


Yeah was like that for many years when my baby died and my father and mother. However, eventually I did get over my baby died and after 41 years I can look back and it doesn’t hurt any more.
I don’t have lots years left to know if that is true after I lost my husband last year. Different as a child is part of yourself but my husband was as well and father of my children and grandchildren.
I had no history losing a baby but that was sad he lost it all and my husband had a lifespan even if the last was robbed from him. But being left is like a sort of handicap hobbling about.
But I like to think of it healing for both of us.
I must go walk while I may today talk what he might say along the way and meet others who may walk beside me one day