8 months today

Hi, its been 8 months today since i lost my nan whom was like my mum she brought me up and cares for me when my mum got cancer aged 30. i feel absolutely lost ive not eaten properly since nan passed. the grief is still as raw today. i just seem to be dreading everything, some days i dont wanna be here but i have 2 beautiful daughters and 2 lovely cats. i cant sleep properly or eat. ive lost 3 stone in weight sincr January, i had a camera down my throat last week as i keep being sick results came back normal.i feel so lost and lonely xx



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@Chelle-luan sorry for your loss. I was a complete mess when my husband died. When we are anxious our brain and gut are connected via the vegas nerve and this causes you to have stomach issues. Try belly breathing and listen to a soothing meditation tape to relieve symptoms. You need to practice even if at the start you feel a small amount of relief. It does work. I have also found that yoga helps to calm stress levels. This is about breathing and learning to relax even if you can only manage ten minutes. It will get better with time. Try to eat protein foods. They last longer. Keep hydrated. I hope this helps. Sending hugs x

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Hiya, thank you for your message, im so sorry for your loss too, ive tried listening to soothing music at night, i get off to sleep ok but keep waking. ive got yoga on my wii fit consol, will try that. im on meal replacement drinks at the moment. thanks for your suggestions bless you sending hugs too

love chelle xx