9 days ago since my dad passed away

Having a bad day today . :sleepy: thought i was doing ok the last couple of days. But today just made me feel so alone and missing my dad. Feel abit angry too as theres nothing i can do about it… this is the new world i live in now. With no dad to just ring and chat to. To go see . Feels like a massive gap in my life. ! I haye feeling like this.


Yes,i can relate. My dad was the only person who called me or i went to see regularly,he passed away 15 days ago,we were very close,i was his full time carer,i have no children so feel totally isolated.

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HI CR73,
You are not alone I feel your pain as my mam passed on Dec 30th. Its so raw at the mo . Her funeral is next Monday. Like you i was mams carer and i spent so much time with her, I have a husband and 27 yr old son but its my mam I want more than anything. I miss her so much. My telephone no longer rings and her house is so cold and empty without her.
Keep posting on here. Someone will reply and help you I will check back again tom to see how you are
Have you had the funeral yet?
Deborah x

Hi deborah
Thankyou for your message,i understand how you feel about loosing your mam,i dont have any children but i have a partner (thank god for her),no we havent had the funeral yet,dad passed away on 19th january(exactly the same date as my mom),and his funeral is 2nd march.
He was macive in my life,a very big part of it,i always looked up to him,listened to his wise words and he encouraged me with my artwork and taught me so many things,we had a very close bond.
When i go to his house i still talk to him as if hes there and it feels like my true home.

Hi sorry I have only just noticed I haven’t replied to your post .How are yo in coping now? Daft question I know but I hope you know what I mean.Since posting to you last we have held mum’s funeral.what a very sad day.Seeing everyone in black was so upsetting I don’t know how I got through it. Have Ben trying to do a few things each day but grief has just taken over my life and I have days when I can’t get out of bed…How I wish I could turn the clock back
I hope you are okish
Deborah x

Thank you for your kind words. It just hurts :disappointed: