9 months in

My Ron died 9 month’s ago, not expected, and still coming to terms with it. I thought i was doing ok, but tonight for some reason im tremendously sad, its hard isn’t it, how you feel in control one minute then totally devastated again, i know I’ll be okay eventually because im a positive person but crikey, it bloody hurts, sending love to everybody on here, we will get there wherever there is? Xx


Hi @Hel1. I’m so very sorry for your loss. I lost my husband in November ‘22. It was very sudden and very unexpected. I feel fine one minute and sobbing my heart out the next. It’s the silly little things that act as triggers. I’ve found this forum to be so supportive and it’s helped me enormously. The pain is so agonising when it hits. Love and strength to you. Jean xx.

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I understand totally @Hel1
Your words could be mine. It’s 9 months since my husband, also Ron, passed suddenly and unexpectedly. I too have felt utterly miserable today following a relatively calm few days and yes, it really bloody hurts! but your positive nature helps you through the stormy moments knowing, as I do, they will pass
Sending caring thoughts x


Adding my good wishes to other @Hel1
Ten months for me and very similar, doing ok sometimes (also a positive person) but the tears come from nowhere at other times.
We’ll get there though :crossed_fingers::+1::heart:

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Karen and other encouragers
I think today I have a goal even if I break it. If I make it good if I make one quarter of a broken into small chunks I must try to be my own best friend. But I do have faith which helps me. Thought for day that was open said “we are each given a gift and use it well to serve one another”. So what gift have I got I say to myself? Gift of creativity will do today. So how will I use that? I have written so many poems
So for today:
Not nine months in only three
Counting rest when I knew you see
Equals the nine and more
Although I couldn’t be sure
The slow decline was a sure sign
That he was slowly slipping away
And heartbreaking every day
To watch him struggling much
Valiantly carrying on not giving in
Proud of him although he didn’t win
We knew that his time was near
And both had this kinda fear
But bravely he found strength anew
To tell me: my worries would be few
Just wait for me to come home dear
So I did but he didn’t so new fear
Although faith drives me near
The universe is mighty & strong
So although alone it’s not wrong
And when a robin sits on the fence
I will think is that my defence
To think of the birds they are so frail
And yet they carry on as I wail
They go on and what a blessing
That’s the end of today’s confessing



Brilliant to use your talents and such deep thoughts expressed. Thank you for sharing it with us. Keep setting yourself a little challenge, even if not every day but successes we have help us all so each time you meet a challenge you have succeeded for yourself and made him proud. xxx

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