A Banana.

So many say they have no understanding from friends or family when bereaved. Even close relatives don’t fully understand. Now in the analogy of a banana I am not being flippant or diminishing the pain of this lack of understanding. But look at it this way. I imagine we all have eaten a banana. But if someone who has never eaten one asks you to describe the taste, can you?
Grief has to be experienced to know what it’s like. Like any experience in life without living through it we can never fully know. We can imagine. Many have said to me ‘I can imagine your pain’. It’s well meaning but not true. No one can imagine this pain unless they go through it.
So when you meet someone who doesn’t understand think of the banana.

I thought of your post today!
A good friend advising me the first year will be worse with experiencing the first of everything! Well my new life i didn’t want will be filled with first experiences forever! without my loving husband! what a banana! i thought but just smiled at my kind friend who luckily doesn’t have a clue !

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