A First i wasn't expecting

I thought I had experienced a lot of the “Firsts” apart from two of the big ones, these being Christmas and the first anniversary of losing Hilary in January, but I received an unexpected one on Saturday which I wasn’t expecting and has got to me, and that’s the renewal of my Car insurance.

It seems such a trivial thing but either way, weather you continue with your existing provider, or choose another provider, it means I will have to either delete Hilary name and details from my renewal policy, or if sourcing another policy, I will have to state that I am a Widower,(Which I hate the word) and state that there will be no other drives to my car, either way, it’s another first that as jumped out at me that I wasn’t prepared or expected and it started the tears flowing again.

I have even thought about leaving Hilary’s details on my existing policy or adding them onto a new quote to save having to do this, but in reality, I doubt if I will do this. Take Care Mickere x


Hi mickere its not trivial at all. There are many things like that arent there .
I recently had my birthday and card said from mam not from mam and dad . It tripped me up . I should have thought of that one and prepared myself but didnt
It happens Be kind to yourself take care
post again when your ready

For me yesterday, it was a photo posted on Facebook by my daughter’s mother in law. They were all having lunch together.
It was a stark reminder we won’t be doing that again.