a meet up

Is there anyone on here who lives in the Welling kent area that would like to meet up for a coffee somewhere is possible, my husband passed away 3 years November, I am 66 years of age, have 3 daughters and 6 granddaughters, thank you

regards Lorraine x

Dear Lorraine,
Sorry, I live in Yorkshire. I have often said that it would be a great idea for people who live in the same town, area, to meet up every so often for a chat because no-one knows what you are going through apart from someone who has also experienced the same sadness.

Awww that’s a shame, seems like there is no one down my neck of the woods on here, I have a friend that lives in Yorkshire; who do you lose, my husband passed away 3 years ago November, thanks for replying to me .


I lost my husband six years ago this coming Sunday. Tomorrow, Saturday the 29th August, will be exactly 56 years to the day and date that we met.
Take care.


My anniversary was on 30th August, would have been 45 years

Take care


I also agree that it would be a great idea to meet for coffee and chat. I live in Argyll, but can easily drive into Lochaber. Jose1

Hello Sheila, just read your post. I live in Yorkshire, Hebden Bridge, if that’s anywhere near you. Yorkshire’s pretty big, I appreciate! My husband died in April, we had been married for nearly 49 years and knew each other for 53 so the same sort of length of time as you. Only someone who has been through this can understand and it’s so good not to have to filter what we say to avoid hurt feelings or upset. Take care x