A playlist

The Police - Every breath you take. (for me)
This one is a bit obscure, my Keef was a punk back in the day. Another Girl, Another Planet by the Only Ones. He used to try and sing it to me a lot.

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Walking on sunshine Katrina and the waves.

His favourite song and the music we left him to.

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Added to the playlist

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Added - love this one.

A Little bit more . Dr Hook . Both loved that song . Means such a lot now . :broken_heart::cry: x

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Ok so this will make you cry -

My songs are changing as the weeks go by.

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“Jealous of the Angels” by Donna Taggart was played at the burial. This song hits me from the first verse :sob: :sob: :sob:


ThIs was my wife’s:

Ecstasy of Gold

And this will be mine:

Serenade for Winds

We were a good match X

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Thank you Blake for this idea.
And everyone who has suggested songs
A vodka and coke, report writing and this sound track are getting me through tonight.
Sunday he would have been 60.
Gone 10 weeks today and the pain still rips through my body so that I struggle to breathe.


All added to the list


I knew I loved you before I met you by Sound Garden

@Blake Nigel chose this for his funeral.
First few times I listened, I couldn’t stop crying.
And then, slowly, it became a song of hope

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Savage garden ?

I’ve added it

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Thanks very much

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There are so many songs that bring back memories but (embarrassingly, for me) the song that makes me cry the most, is the one that he’d start playing on his phone when I was in the kitchen making tea and I might be in a bad mood, stressed or whatever and he’d play it to cheer me up. It always worked but I didn’t appreciate it enough. It was ‘bomb diggy’ by Another level. How I wish he was here to play it for me now.x

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A bit off topic, but I was looking through our cd’s to lend my friend some Runrig ones (Scottish band)

I got so upset, his were all in order, not alphabetical but Police, then Sting, Dire Straights then mark Knoffler etc. So typical of him.

Needless to say mine are in a muddle.

What’s your song @Paddy53

Thanks for pulling together this playlist @Blake, such a good idea! My husband was really into his music (we both were) and I’ve found it too painful to listen to much since he died. But, somehow listening to everyone’s special songs has been easier and makes me smile thinking about what the song might mean to those in this group x


What’s your songs.