A poem from our loved ones

I Never Left You

I watch you every day
I am always very near
I know deep in your heart
You realise I am here
I watch you while you sleep
In bed at home
I hear you when you speak to me
When you are on your own
You cannot understand
The reason why I have gone
But I will never leave you
I am there to keep you strong
Talk to me I hear you
Though you may not see
We share an unbroken bond
That will always be
Death wont keep us apart
For our love is forever
Just remember me in your heart
And one day we will be together
Live your life and live it full
Don’t waste a single day
Remember I am always with you
Every step of the way


You said I would be alright
But my light isnt very bright
You said leave it to you to do
But I really tried to believe you
But you left suddenly been gone
And your light no longer shone
A candle burns out but I still try
To reach you and still I ask you why
It seems you are still there at times
When I read these comforting rhymes
Then it feels like it just isn’t so at all
There is just silence when I try to call
Oh I pretend and write to you each day
Telling you the things I used to say
Put prayers on leaves upon a tree
Just in case you are passing and see
Oh wind that blows the leaves around
And flutters to the cold wet wintry ground
How you howl and I shudder huddled alone
The cold bites and another shivered bone