"A Positive Thought" ~ with Love x

When William died I was absolutely heartbroken and didn’t want to go on without him. I was totally destroyed by the loss.

I just wanted to share a “Positive” thought, that ten months on, for me, things are different than they were at the beginning.

I didn’t want to eat, and had no interest in food. Now I’ve begun to look forward to shopping for good food and even started to enjoy cooking again.
I’ve begun to take an interest in my home and garden and have cleared out lots of unwanted clutter. I can go out for the day, on my own, and not feel afraid and lost. I’m sleeping a little better too.

I miss the love we shared, the togetherness, and life will never be the same, its different and I’m not loving it, but it is a bit easier and if it gives anyone else a little hope, then I’m glad I’ve shared “A Positive Thought”.

"How lucky was I to have lost something so Special…

Love from Elaine x



Thank you so much for sharing this, I’m sure it’ll give many people here some hope. I’m so glad to hear that things for you are different now and that you’re taking an interest in things again and sleeping better. It’s a long road, but I think it’s worth acknowledging when things start to turn and become a little easier.

Take care,

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Thankyou for sharing that Elaine.

Tiny positive moves can add up and your post brings hope. I am sure William would be proud of you.

Ann xx

Thank you Ann, that is so nice of you. After posting my positive thoughts, I had another wave of negativity, but I’m okay again at the moment. Thanks again & best wishes Elaine

Thank you for your positive thoughts Elaine and your quote at the end which brings to mind another Pooh Bear quote:

'If ever there is a tomorrow when we’re not together, there is something you must always remember…
You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think,
But the most important thing is, even if we’re apart… I’ll always be with you.

Love and hugs xx

Thank you Kate, that is such a lovely quote, I haven’t heard that before. Thanks for sharing it. Love Elaine xxx


Pooh has made me cry with that quote. I’m going to try to find a copy to give to my son.

Ann xx

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Hello AnnAnnie. Pooh Bear is a bear of very little brain, if you’ve ever read or watched it, but he says the most amazing things. It was very popular in our house when our children were small. Happy days. I hope your son likes it. I have the quote in a frame to remind me that my husband is always with me (my son gave it to me). Much love to you and your son. X

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More positive thoughts…
There is a poem which I read often and in it are the following two lines:

What we were, we are…
What we had, we have…

I am still in a relationship with my husband. I still refer to myself as married (I hate the term widow). We still have the love we shared. Those 2 lines sum it up and we must never forget them, they are very positive. We were husband and wife: we are still husband and wife. We had an amazing love: we still have that amazing love. I could go on but I think you get the picture. It’s thoughts like these that help carry me through the dark times. Thanks for starting this positive thoughts thread Elaine. Much love.

Hi Kate, that is lovely, and exactly how I feel too. Thank you Kate ~ love Elaine xx

Hi Kate

What we were, we are…
What we had, we have…

How beautiful. The people we loved, we still love and it is so important to remember. Thank you for your words.

I needed that today.

Ann xx

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Your thoughts were so uplifting for me, and you are right about being hugely lucky to have had someone so special in your life that losing them leaves such a massive gap.
I would love to find someone on here who lives close to me so meeting and becoming friends would be possible! Xx

It’s a shame that we all probably live all over the country because I also think being able to meet up with people in the same situation and being able to talk face to face would really help and hopefully create new friendships . This site doesn’t reccomeng giving personal details but I think just putting the county you live would not hurt and if someone was close you could send a private message with a contact number
By the way I lve in Dorset

Thank you so much for commenting on my post, it so lovely to know someone understands how you feel and where you are coming from.
I agree, that would be very nice to know if anyone posting is in the same County and maybe it could develop into a great group of friends who could come together and really make a positive difference to each others lives. Maybe this is something that will develop with time. Best wishes from Elaine xx

Hi Jim, thank you for commenting on my post ~ this is such a helpful website ~ its was somewhere I came to all the time in the early months, and I have gained great support from other members over the past few months.

I agree, it wouldn’t be a problem to know where people are posting from, and it would be helpful to talk face to face if people wanted to do that, you are right.

By the way, Dorset is my favourite County, I’ve visited many, many times over the years. You are very fortunate to live in such a gorgeous part of the UK. I live not far from the Peak District, again another beautiful area.
Best wishes Elaine

This is a lovely thread…thank you. I have often thought how nice it would be to actually be able to put a face to people’s names and perhaps build lasting friendships based on true understanding…I have made two very good internet pals through this site but would love to create a more accessible network which we could all use to help us grow a little.
I never appreciated how wise Pooh really was…not a bear of little brain at all! Good night and God bless us all x

Hi Kate I’m feeling very low tonight and there have been lots of tears. I like your pooh bear verse and the what we were poem. Thank you for sharing. Take care. Kay.xx

Hi Kay, Sorry you are feeling very low. I hope today is a little better? I always find that when I have lots of tears and I’m feeling at my lowest, there follows a little time of calm and a bit more strength. I hope this happens to you too and just wanted you to know I’m thinking about you. Love Elaine x

I agree, Pooh really is a very smart bear!! His poems are so clever, I’m considering buying one or two framed poems of Pooh’s, they are very inspiring.
I’m so glad you have made great internet friend via this website, thats brilliant. It feels so good to be able to air your views and know others on this site are truly understanding how you feel.
Take care and love from Elaine xx

Thanks Elaine I’ve been much the same today, I hope the calm follows. Thank you for messaging back. Take care. Kay. Xx