A second Opinion,


I just wanted to ask for a second opinion on this situation.
I lost both my parents between 2017-2019. (And i have coped well). The remaining Ex-Family as i refer to them,do not care, and are very self centred,only thinking of number one ,and i have cut all ties with them.
Also my son has become very selfish,and our Relationship is over on my part due to the trust on my part being unable to be built back,and i don’t want to rebuild it. (He asked me to admit to a nervous breakdown). Which i did not have,and do not suffer with. (an ambulance was also called on me ,and the Ex-Family did nothing to intervene. this was in retaliation to me calling the police on my son,as i was worried about his wearabouts. Which happened well over a year ago now. (I stay strong buy realising,these are other peoples actions ,and i am not Responsible for them). My son try’s to twist almost everything that i say,and we now live as seperate individuals,and i do not want this to ever change,and i have told him,the day before my 40th Birthday,that (our Relationship is over as a Mother and son). I am just waiting for him to move out now within the next year. (i am Lucky that i have people around me who care,and that i can talk to). Thanks,Lucy

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I’m not sure what can be added. You ask for a second opinion but you seem to have found a solution to the problem you describe. Grief over the loss of parents and grandparents can affect relationships. You sound angry and perhaps when we’re in that frame of mind it’s not the best time to make life and relationship changing decisions. You still have time to reflect on what has happened but ultimately it is your choice as to how you move forward. Best wishes.