A sign from my Mum

Good morning everyone,

I hope you are all doing ok? Its been a couple weeks since i logged in and wrote, because ive been so busy with work and my children, but this morning i just have to!

I have to tell you about something amazing that has happened to me …

So after losing my Mum in August, i have been reading quite a lot about life and death, and the existence of an afterlife, and how loved ones who have passed can still communicate with us etc. Now i’ll be honest i feel like i have started a really important journey, and learned things that i cannot believe i have gone my whole life (up until now) not really questioning or trying to understand. Anyway i wont go into all that now, i need to keep this concise and to the point - but basically yesterday after not having had any signs from Mum for a good few weeks (none that ive been aware of), i decided to take the brave move of asking her for a specific sign. I have not been comfortable to do this before, as i was worried i would be really disappointed and disheartened if i didnt get what i had asked for. But anyway, yesterday whilst lying in the bath (of all places) i found myself talking to my Mum and i asked her if she could send me a very specific sign, one that i wouldnt be able to question, or find an alternative reason behind its presence when faced with it. I asked her to leave me something orange in an unusual place - something, somewhere that would catch my eye. Then i went about my day, working, school runs, house chores, etc etc. Then this morning, when i arrived back home from the school run, with my friend who walks with me, i stood talking to her in my driveway, about school related stuff, when suddenly i spotted something that literally made me gasp. She noticed i was looking at something and had gone quiet, and she asked what was wrong. I said to her ‘do you see that? What colour is that?’ as i looked over at the three bins lined up next to the fence. She said ‘oh yeah, the orange flower next to the green bin?’

And there it was, a single bright orange flower - a poppy it seems, but not in the slightest bit red, growing tall as anything right next to the three bins. I couldnt believe it. I am always going out to the bins, i dont like leaving any rubbish lying around or letting the bin bag get too full. Yet there it was, tall, bright and orange just waving in the wind.

Have a good day everyone - i just know mine is going to be brilliant.

Thank you Mum, i love you xxx


Hello @Evans2021. What a lovely story. It’s really made me smile too. :blush: I so hope your day was brilliant. Thank you for sharing. xx


I’m not particularly spiritual but when my Mum passed I saw my first ever double :rainbow: rainbow. A sign perhaps?