A small tribute to my wife's outstanding voice on youtube

My wife Bronwyn passed away suddenly on the 23rd of May 2020, this is a song she recorded. Rest in peace beautiful girl till we meet again, I will always love you.



What a beautiful voice your wife had, this recording must be a comfort to you, being able to hear her voice, but also must be hard knowing she is no longer with you, just take every day as it comes, some days will be harder than others but that’s ok, over time things will get easier, but you will never stop loving or missing her xx


Chas, thank you for sharing that with us. Your wife had a stunning voice. I hope listening to it brings you a little comfort. x

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Beautiful, Chas, thank you for sharing.

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Thank you for sharing your wife had a beautiful voice and this is a lovely tribute to her. You will always have these memories to cherish no matter what. Videos, photos and recordings of loved ones who are gone are so very precious and putting this on youtube means it will be there as long as the internet and children and grandchildren and her friends will always be able to take comfort in this. Take care.

Thank you Meebee , I feel so thankful that I have this as a lasting reminder of her voice, two of our grandchildren are too young to remember their Grandma but this will give them an insight into what a beautiful and talented woman she was, I of course will always tell them how much she loved them and was looking forward to watch and nurture them as they grew up. Xx

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What an amazing voice just watched how beautiful x

Thank you Kim5, she had such a great voice and was an amazing person, life is so hard without her.

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