A start maybe

It’s been 4 months. I can’t talk about mum, can’t go to the bungalow or anywhere I went with her.
I’m 56 and have never lost anyone close to me. I can’t even put into words my emotions. I feel it’s best to keep them inside because I don’t think anyone can understand. My whole life is crumbling, my relationship is dead, I really hate that I wake up every morning. Each day I feel like a robot, sometimes I don’t even remember car journeys that I do. I’m just existing without wanting to.


Hello @Babs1,

I can see you’re new to the community - thank you for reaching out. I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum.

You are not alone. Many of our members have experienced the loss of their mums and will understand some of what you are going through.

Hopefully someone should be along to offer their support - in the meantime, you may find these Sue Ryder resources helpful.

I hope you find the community to be a support to you and that you can reach out for extra support, should you need it.

Take good care,

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@Babs1 I totally understand. You can talk to me anytime . My world has shattered . I’m
Trying to be strong for my mum and my son .
Here anytime. X


Thank you. It’s so hard to talk. My family have no idea. I’m two different people. I don’t want them to know so dealing with it alone is monumental.

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@Babs1 its horrible isn’t it .
You have to get it out somehow I think .
Lots of people on here know exactly how you feel . Which is a little comfort for you maybe ? X

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Im afraid I don’t find comfort in anything, I wish I could, then maybe I could find my way to start healing.

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@Babs1 i know what you mean . It’s horrid . I haven’t accepted it at all …

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So it appears we’re stuck without a way out? I’d give anything for a clue, a hint or even an idea of a start.

You just have to keep going hour to hour, day to day. Somehow, something just gets you through. I lost mum 3 months ago. Every day is tiring, straining, painful. But it gets a little less ‘raw’. Immediately it is raw and consuming every moment of the day. It gets a little easier, but still up and down days and crying spells. Anything can set you off. It’s unimaginable for anyone who hasn’t gone through such a big loss to understand how we feel. Take care. xx