A strange and beautiful journey, with a happy ending

I hope this is okay with the admins.

Her name was Jenna Matlay, and there at the ice rink she was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. We were both 12 when we met, she died at 21.

I could never forget her and from the first moment I met her, her flashing brown eyes and untethered confidence found their way into the stories I would go on to write for a lifetime.

Years later I wrote the radio drama ‘A Haunting Beyond the Lake’ – a bittersweet, ghost story, directly inspired by her. It broke my heart to write, I stopped working and even eating for a bit. I came here for support, but it also made me reconnect with so many old friends and to make new ones.

This story has just been short-listed for the UK International Radio Drama Festival Award and this weekend it can be voted for. It has received amazing praise. Yet for me, it is my way of fulfilling a promise. The Festival is based where she is buried on the Kent coast, and it has been 20 years since she died. It is my way of fulfilling my promise, that I’d never forget her.

If you could like to listen and would consider voting, the story is below.

If not, I wanted to say that this has been proof to me, that they never leave you, if they have touched you, that touch is there forever.

A Haunting Beyond the Lake: https://the11thhour.podbean.com/e/a-haunting-beyond-the-lake/

Voting https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/RL5J669 (Closes end of 25th April)

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