A tough weekend ahead

So my partner was in hosp:
Valentines day
His birthday 18th feb
Mothers day
Went back in hosp on fathers day
Passed away 29th June
Our daughters birthday was the 4th October
Tomorow we would have been together 16 years and my birthday is on Sunday and he isnt here
Is it wrong to just want to shut the world out this wknd?? not much can do with lockdown me and my daughter are having a takeaway roast sunday for my birthday but tomorow is going to be hard as he should be here and im still so angry and hurt at how he left us maybe i always wil be but im now on the counselling list x

It’s not wrong, it’s just a shame there isn’t much to make us feel better but having the roast sounds nice and good for you and your daughter to eat good food.

What would you have done if he was here and well and what would he have said to you? (if you prefer not to answer of course please ignore, I keep trying to imagine what I would be doing if my husband was here so think other people might like it too but I know everyone is different).

Hope you keep getting through the hours and minutes, best wishes for these coming days, I hope you can still find some good moments xxx

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Thank you for your reply
Last year i said to him please can we go out we never seem to do anything on my birthday so we did 15 of us went for a meal which was nice so at least i have memories of that cannot believe that is a yer ago
Me and my daughter will make most of it be a nice chilled day i think the thing i will miss most is my birthday card from him he always bought a nice card xx

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Hello Fg15.

I really hope you and your daughter can celebrate your Birthday on Sunday. A takeaway roast will be just lovely, no hassle or washing up, just time to spend together. Maybe a time for reflection on the lovely memories of last year. I can totally understand the lack of a birthday card from your late partner, little things mean such a lot. Perhaps your daughter can make you one with you partner’s name on, for you to open on Sunday. His love will be within the card. Have as happy a day as you can, and always know we are here for you. Audrey

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Thank you for your kind words xx

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