A wish for xmas

If I could have a Christmas wish it would be for us all to have our loved ones back , but sadly this is not possible. So instead I hope we can all find a bit of piece and remember our loved ones on Xmas day and remember Xmas past when we was all together laughing and not a care in the world. On Xmas day I will be staying with my mum for support and we will go to cemetery to talk to Jim (my husband) and Bill ( mums husband) . It seems unreal to think at one time there was four of us now it’s just two. Recently I have lost my darling husband, my dearest dad and my little dog. I’m so stressed with Xmas just wish I could sleep through it . Take care everyone and keep our chins up. Our loved ones with be with us I’m sure of that xxx


Hi, yes so many of us, all in the same position. It’s sad and heartbreaking because non of us expects it to happen or think about how we will be without our special people.
Please remember to light a candle at 7 on Christmas Even if not at home still take one with you. Blessings to everyone S xx

A wish for Christmas


Thank you so much for sharing such a sensible poem.
Just do what’s right for you to get you through that one awful day and if you can have a smile on your face then no one knows what’s going on inside. S xx

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Are bless you when you read these messages it’s nice to think your not alone and others are in pain too.
My daughters have lost there dogs this year and there Dad. I have lost my husband and my Best Friend.
I’m not sure how I’m going to be tomorrow but feel calm at the moment.
Wishing you all well and we will all get through it somehow. Good Luck x

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Having to dig really deep today to keep it together. It’s my third Christmas without Derek as he died just before Christmas 2019, the first one was just a blur. Last year we were in lockdown & that suited me just fine, no parties to back out of. This year I’ve really struggled & today I’m currently crying my heart out. Sending everyone strength to get through as best you can :heart:Xx


Thank you Margret. I loved that, especially as the Robin is my favourite little bird.
Wishing you a peaceful Christmas too.
Hugs, Ann

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Hi Jodel712

The picture of the wreath so mirrors my own thoughts and feelings, thank you. Ian passed away 27 weeks today, suddenly and unexpectedly and only 7 weeks after his diagnosis.
It still seems so unreal and I wish I could shake off this dark cloud of sadness that surrounds me.
I’m staying with my son, his wife and three and a half year old granddaughter. I’m trying to appear happy for their sake but it is very difficult. Tears are always just below the surface and I’m wondering if I should have stayed on my own. It doesn’t help that my son won’t talk about his dad at all, never has since Ian passed away.
I still keep asking myself why did it happen to Ian, someone who just got on with his own life and never harmed a soul. He was always smiling and loved me unconditionally.

Life can be so cruel ……

Julie x