A year on

I lost the love of my life in July 2022 but now is the time he was ill and went into hospital neither of us thought he would die but he did. I have coped through Anniversary’s, Birthdays, Christmas etc but this is hard. I joined a walking group as the best thing I could have done my Sunday`s are now them. Today or journey was past the hospital I used to travel to last year and I coped . In my my mind he would have hated me not to cope as he was obsessed that I would be ok. I do cope ok I go to our holiday home, I am selling my house he gave me the convivence to be who I am but I do miss him so much


That’s such a positive post, thank you. It’s nice to hear that you are coping ok, it gives me hope that I’m heading in the right direction.
My partner died suddenly and unexpectedly at 49 in January. The rawness has gone and I’m coping ok most days, thanks to him and the strength he gave me.
Hope it continues to be confident for your partner.


For you that should say. Sorry!

Hi @Heather56 . I loved reading your post, it reflects almost perfectly my own experience. Penny died in April last year, so our journeys have been the same, and Ive travelled it with the same positive approach. Passing the hospital and anniversaries have been just the same as yours.
There is still life out there worth living, isnt there. Its just different.
Well done, lets hope this thread continues to be as positive, and gives people confidence.

PS I have difficulty walking long distances, so bought a guitar instead. This last week Ive been on Flamborough Head picking away, and even got complimented!


it is a year ago today since i cslled an ambulance to take my husband onto hospital
we thought he had a urine infection as he was totally confused but he never recovered snd died on 20 july
I have tried to carry on without too much crying but every day i feel devastated
thenast friday i had to have my beloved 22
year old cst pu to sleep as he had a tumo%ur
and since then i have totally bereft and so lonely. should i get a rescue cat?..


Thank you I have just got back from Whitby and it has been a lovely week on the coast.

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Good to read positivity, it’s 18 months since losing my soulmate. Life is a struggle at times without him, however, I’m trying to get out and go on holiday when I can as that’s what he would’ve wanted. It’s hard not to feel sad, but then I remember how hard he fought to live but sadly it wasn’t to be. I know he would want me to live my life, time waits for no one…so on that note I’m off on holiday again very soon!! Hugs :hugs: to all :two_hearts:


Aww sending you big hugs :hugs: you do whatever you think is right for you xx

Hi @Heather56, I was in Whitby on Tuesday. A bit busy, but you might have seen me buying takeaway fish and chips from the Magpie!

I went Thursday I boycott The Magpie much better places and yes it was busy

Hello all, new here. It was a year ago on 10th May that my wonderful man set off on his next big adventure. We had known each other for 23 years and been together for 21 of them; not bad to say we got together just before he turned 60 and I 40. And here’s where I know I’ll plant myself in a tiny minority, not only did we never marry, nor ever live together we didn’t even live in the same city! This was BY FAR my longest relationship outside of family (we weren’t far off being together as long as he was married to his late wife). So I’m not a widow, not sure I’m still a not-step-mother/grandmother and I’m lost.

Hi Unforgettable, I am so sorry for you loss. I have had cats since I was a teenager. All of my cats came into live by pure chance. - Only one cat left now. I inherited Tammy (female Maine Coon cat) from my brother who died 15 month ago, and I would be in a dark place without her. She wants to cuddle all the time now. - So, my answer would be yes. You help the cat and she helps you. It makes all the difference, I also talk to her all the time. - Nick

Hi Beth im a Yorkshire lass too and very similar to you .with my partner for 17 years didnt live together or marry but didnt matter .i lost him only 6 weeks ago and im heart broken .So sorry for your loss

thank you for your reply. I am feeling devastated without my beautiful old cat I dont know what to do as if I get a rescue cat it might be so different to Thomas that I would regret having it. Perhaps I’ll wait a bit and see how I feel

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