Where do I click to send an email to admin, there is no link shown anywhere, I am posting on the forum hoping that admin picks up on the message.


Hi. Sheila. Hope you are still making some little progress. I find it best to email Admin on the normal email service. I use Yahoo.
Although I still find it relatively easy to navigate the site, there are times when it does take time to work it out.
Take care. Best wishes.

Hi Sheila,
The email address is You can find this on my profile and in the ‘about’ section.

Thank you, I saw the ‘about’ word but thought it meant the items listed below it told me what it was about.

Thank you.


Thanks Jonathan, Priscilla has told me how to do it.


Once I log in,is there any way of staying logged in without having to do e mail address and password every time?Thanks

Have you downloaded the app onto your phone?
Conversations appear as soon as you tap the app, although one day this week I found I had been kicked out and had to log in again.
Cheryl x

I have had to log in twice this week so far and usually find that if I don’t go onto the forum for a couple of days I have to log in again. I don’t however have to put in my e-mail, just passowrd. When I originally tried to log in on new set up I tried for four hours over two days. I changed passowrd 4 times and almost gave in and then I was suddenly in. Although I changed my password so many times I am now using my original one and it’s working fine…so far, fingers crossed…

I’m using an iPad,Cheryl

I seem to stay logged in on various browsers I use both on my desktop and mobile but I don’t know how that works. According to my preferences I’m currently logged in with 6 browsers/computers at the moment. There’s an option to log them all out so I assume they will just stay logged in.
It would be nice if I could get emails as I used to before the forum upgrade. Oh well, no biggie.

Hi Jill, The site will normally leave you logged in, so I’m not sure why you are being logged out each time - could it be something on your iPad that is doing this?

You could also consider turning on Autofill on your iPad so that it will remember and fill in your log-in details for you each time.

I’ll try it.Thanks

I have just discovered a useful addition to the site. It may not always work and is for those with a desktop PC. When you want to answer a message it’s often difficult to see the message you are referring to. If you put the arrow on the blue line at the bottom of the message and press the scroll button on your mouse a circle comes up, or a small arrow, and you can ‘drag’ the line down. This gives a limited access to the previous post. This may not work for all but it does for me.

I don’t think it would work with an iPad,Jonathan x