adopted son died aged 27.. from drug misuse

Two months ago our adoptive son died aged 27…we are totally broken hearted…it is so difficult to come to terms with him no longer being with us…we loved him so much and really thought he was coming through his taking of drugs.He such a kind,musical,funny,humble person…but he seemed to have compulsions which he found difficult to control.Feeling so sad and lost.

Dear Elaine 2
So very sorry for your loss loosing a child is just the worst pain so many holes and dreams for the future just gone, I lost my son just age 23 on June 13 th I am devastated as you are, it’s so hard to believe it’s real, for me it was my second child my daughter had died 10 years ago she was disabled I just can’t believe I’m going through it all again, I hope you find some support here it’s hard with Covid as there doesn’t seem to be much face to face support as there would be normally . It’s the worse time ever, I find I’m just getting through the days the best i can walking a lot and writing ( although no one would want to read it it’s very dark and angry!) I hope you find a way to get you through this awful and life changing time x

Dear Jane2,
Belatedly thank you for your reply last August.
The loss of my child so profound.The sadness they will never have the time and opportunity to achieve their goals.The heartache of not being able to tell them you love them so much and miss them so much every day.The overwhelming realisation this is forever.
Trying hard to keep positive…but the intensity of grief often undermines progress…as so exhausting and upsetting.
One day at a time.