We lost Mum on Monday, she raised us on her own and now it feels like I have gone from having a wonderful Mum to being adrift. That assurance that if something went wrong I could always call or just turn up for a cuppa and she would build you up so you could face the world. She was the one I would call for a birthday cake recipe, but also the one I would ask to double check a plug I just wired. But it was all those little things like I would call her while waiting outside the school gates at pick up time or taking a photo of the children mashing blackberries for jamming because I knew she would find it funny the amount of juice they had on their faces.
She was my best friend and now she is gone. I know I will get through this, but right now it is still raw.


I am so very sorry to hear of your loss 🥲 x

Feeling adrift is probably the best description I’ve heard as that’s exactly the feeling.
Every lunch time I would give her a wee call and see if she needed shopping or just to have a laugh…feel so lost not having that anymore so can relate to how you miss your calls whilst waiting at the school.

Be kind to yourself as it’s all too easy to neglect ourselves and deny our grieving to help or appease others.

Everyone here is very supportive, take care x

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I lost my mum seven years ago. She was my best friend. I could talk to her about everything and anything. If I had a problem she would always reassure me and make me feel better. Just like when we were children. If I couldn’t go to the loo she had a spoonful of medicine that would sort it out. If I fell over there was a big hug too and a plaster. I miss her so much and feel lost without her. She always new the right thing to say. I would see her everyday. She would always say a custard is not a cake. This would make her feel less guilty whilst eating it. I always smile when I think of this