Adult prphan

My mum died 6/6/2015 after a short battle with cancer and this year my dad also passed away 28/2/21 the thing is I can’t grieve it’s all just so surreal , I don’t even know how I’m meant to be feeling even during the funeral it just felt I was at a strangers funeral

I’m so sorry for the losses of your mum and now your dad. I have found that grief means I feel different things, so even in a day I can go from feeling nothing at all, to crying till it hurts, and then smiling at an unexpected memory. At the moment I mostly cry, but what I’m trying to say is it’s ok to feel whatever you feel, especially as you lost your dad so recently. Hopefully being on this site will mean you can find support for what you are going through, because it is so hard and painful. Taking things moment by moment is all I have found I can do.
Take care and keep posting