Advice on flowers

I thought you guys would be the best people to get advice from, when it comes to flowers at the grave.
It seems to make me feel better knowing there are nice flower growing on my mums grave, so people can see she is loved (not meaning that others aren’t if there isnt things on the grave, just how my mind seems to cope with it all at moment)
The part i hate is if the flowers get removed as they have died. Woundered if people had any advice I looked at artificial flowers but im not sure about having these yet.
What do other people put on the grave?

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Hi Niccc. When my mum died when I was 21 am now 70 we planted daffodil bulbs and every year without fail they come up thats a long time they have lasted also planted 2 rose bushes a few years later they are still flowering every year too.

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Hi jen153,
That sounds a lovely idea. Think I will look into doing some daffodi bulbs ready for next yr.
Thank u x

Hi NicciC

My mum passed away in June this year. I feel exactly the same as you, I want her grave to look the best in the cemetery so people know how loved she was & how missed she is.
My parents were extremely keen gardener’s so my dad allowed me to take some potted plants out of their garden to put on her grave, to make her feel more at home. We don’t have a headstone yet as it will take 4 months to arrive, but the cemetery have told us until it does anything goes!

Not sure if your mum had any plants you could use or any you could buy that were her favourites?
These are my summer plants but will change them in the winter for a different look.
I have mixed fake flowers in with them … the pink pom poms in the middle!

And then I added a bit of bling because my mum loved it!

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Hi LisaJ

Your pictures looks lovely. We had to sort our mums plants back along so i now have some and so does my brother, there isnt really any pots we could put at the grave and the cemetery dont allow us to put to much there.
I have managed to buy some fake roses to put in one of the vases we have on the grave, which im hoping will look good when i put them there on sunday. Your pink pom poms look lovely.
I also plan to plant some daffodi bulbs once the headstone is allowed to be placed on her grave, so there will be some lovely ones in the spring, which someone recommend for me to do on here.
I am also got some grave cards there aswell that have mum and nanna.

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