advice on how grief effects loved ones?

I lost my Mum three months ago and my niece has terminal cancer, I have not been coping very well and have been signed off of work since my Mum’s death. My partner has been finding it difficult to cope with my mood swings and the way I am trying to come to terms with my grief, does anyone have any advice? My partner does not have a close relationship with his own family and I wonder if this is a reason for him finding this harder to understand, he is the type f person who needs to actively do things to improve his mental health whereas I have not felt ready for that part of grief yet.

Any advice anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.


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Dear @MaConn

I am so sorry for the loss of your mum. You are going through a tough time but you are not alone. Have you chatted to your GP about support from Bereavement and Counselling organisations?

I do think it would be of help for you to chat to someone as to the way you are feeling and to get some support. I would like to guide you to the following organisations that can be of help and support.

Cruse Bereavement - They have an online CruseChat and Helpline on 0808 808 1677

Sue Ryder -

Shout is a text messaging support service on 85258 for anyone who is struggling to cope

You can also connect with members on here under the topic Coping with Bereavement.

Please keep reaching out and take care of yourself.