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Bit of an unusual one (I think anyway). In may 2017 my Dad was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer. He had treatment and scans in January 2018 showed that the original tumor (so small they didnt give a size) had gone but he had a secondary tumor that was 4cm big. They gave him 6-9 months and around March he started radiotherapy (to prolong his life and make him more comfortable). However in May 2018 scans showed that the tumor had completely gone. Scans have been clear since. My situation is that I think as I’d already started to come to terms with the prospect of losing my dad (before my 18th)I’d already sort of started the grieving process, but now everything’s changed I havnt been able to finish it so dont have closure. (Or as close as I can get for now since his case has been so unusual no one knows what will happen).

Sorry for the rant. Any advice would be much appreciated. I feel like I’m stuck in a rut.

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My wife was diagnosed with a brain tumour in June 2014 and told that median survival was 14 months. She lived over four years and I greaved over the whole of that time. A couple of my kids pretended it wasn’t happening and they could do that as they didn’t live close.Every scan is a big ordeal and as time goes on appears to get bigger. I would imagine it will be on your father’s mind 24/7.
My advice would be to be there for him. Catch him when he falls. He will probably want to hide the detail from you. It’s what parents do. Nobody ever knows what will happen and hopefully he can enjoy life.

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