14 months ago i lost my Mom i was with her when she died
i suffered panic attacks and overwhelming anxiety
im not the same person anymore and am still suffering anxiety which is constant
i tremble all if the time and feel it will never go
i had counselling but it hasnt helped im worried its PTSD
can anyone relate to this and does it ever go

Tess, you sound full of anxiety and I personally would think about asking your GP for help and advise. There are a number of things they can offer besides a prescriptions. Talking therapy works well as well as group work, so have a think about what you would like but there is help out there. Try not to worry but that’s easier said than done, I know. Sxx

Thank you for your reply
I did have Fluoxetine prescribed but havent taken it
maybe i should have as im worried its got worse and wont go without medication
I did have sessions on zoom with a counsellor but face to face would be so much better for me
I thought about trying cruise bereavement

I am afraid at present Cruse only do zoom but it is worth a try. The NHS have different therapies, look at this web site it may be useful but please don’t give up looking for help.
Take care of yourself.

Thank you
it looks like i can refer myself and i may benefit from the self help workbook

Great, yes I like the idea of self referral, please keep posting so we know how you are doing and it helps sometimes just to write how you are feeling. Bless you Sxxx

Thank you
ive spoken to the Doctors so many times since my Mom died
I keep thinking I have a health problem as its made me feel so ill
chest pain tummy pain neck and jaw pain
it was so bad and although it has slowly improved it still flares up a lot
i still wonder if the grief has caused something serious
the only thing I havent taken is the anxiety /panic medication
is this familiar and can it last a long time

Tess, they don’t tell people that grief causes so many physical and mental problems and I don’t know why. I had a minor day surgery soon after my husband went and the minor very nearly became major. When I saw a consultant who was the ‘old fashion’ type he just said that it was all down to me grieving. He was brilliant with me and since I have learned more about grieving, I know it is true.
Look at the talking therapy type things because with lockdown we haven’t had the opportunity just to be near other human beings so we are all missing comfort.
Sometimes medications are right but they all come with side effects, so if you are tempted read the leaflet so you know what you are letting yourself in for. When we are grieving we are very vulnerable, so please take extra care what ever you decided to do.
Susie 123 xxx

I have avoided taking anything because of what ive read
i think if id spoken to a different person when i had my counselling it may have helped more i just didnt connect with them ill try again via the link you sent me
i paid a lot of money for it and i wished id talked to cruise or similar at the time
maybe over the phone would be better as i find the computer visual hard work

I to suffer with anxiety which has been enhanced my dads recent passing . I am currently receiving anxiety counselling and medication. I sometimes find exercise can relieve some of the restlessness within me. Also I am working at challenging my negative thoughts. I admit this is difficult when grieving and trying to support my mum who is struggling. I am open to any suggestions that others may have. Take care of yourself

You are right exercise and just getting out of the house helps
it sounds like you are doing all the right things to help yourself i do find breathing exercises work
I think if you recognise it as grief helps but for me it comes over me at any time and I keep thinking somethings wrong
it helps to here from others
I have only just joined this community and am grateful for the replies
take care

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